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NCY Construction has been depending on Drill Tie® Systems’ products for over 10 years.
“Drill Tie® Systems delivers a quality product that helps us expedite our labor costs on all applications . . . I can highly recommend both their products and their personnel.
They have helped us use the right product for the application”.
Nick Yacobucci, President
NCY Construction, Inc.

The DRILL TIE® System

The DRILL TIE® System is an innovative and intelligent solution for concrete forming.

The DRILL TIE® - The Drill Tie® is a self drilling rod capable of securing wood forms during the placement of concrete. The Drill Tie® utilizes a patented bit end for drilling through the wood forms.

Notches allow placement of securing Drill Tie® clips to positively secure the desired form dimension. Break points are positioned 1/4” inside the form dimension for easy form removal.

Sizes available for standard wall/column dimensions and specialty sizes can be made to order.

DRILL TIE® Clip – The Drill Tie® clip is a 1/4” steel plate with keyhole to positively engage in Drill Tie® notch at designed specification on outside of concrete forms. The form secured for placement of concrete with an Out to Out tolerance of 1/32”. Drill Tie® Clips are re-usable.

DRILL TIE® Chuck Adapter - The Drill Tie® Chuck Adapter is affixed to a drill to hold and turn the Drill Tie® for drilling through plywood and waler. Fits any high speed drill.

Major Advantages include:

Labor Savings

  • the Drill Tie® System allows 100% field installation with minimal pre-work.
  • no requirement to pre-drill plywood forms, reducing set-up time
  • reduces tie installation time – drilling of tie places the securing rod in form, no need to separately feed tie through waler, form, rebar, etc.
  • single employee can install drill ties ®, no need for additional forming helpers
  • simple installation method requires less training and/or crew experience


  • once the need for pre-drilling is eliminated, the Drill Tie® enables flexible use of material. Forms can be constructed with available material, not pre-assigned pieces of wood


  • the DRILL TIE® can be installed in less than 30 seconds, and eliminates cumbersome feeding, aligning and guesswork
  • use of flat waler method simplifies form setup and minimizes material costs
  • shortens forming time and accelerates schedule


  • with dimensionally accurate notches and the clip method of securing forms in place, the Drill Tie® provides positive placement of forms before, during, and after the pour.